Sunday, December 9, 2007

Bean Sprout Soup

7 oz of bean sprouts
6 cups of water
1 red or green chilly pepper
1 green onion
15 dried anchovy or 10 dried shrimp
1 Tbs of chopped garlic
1 tsp of salt

Clean bean sprouts. Cut chilly pepper diagonally. In a pan, pour 6 cups of water and boil dried anchovies or dried shrimps for about 15 minutes. Take out anchovies or shrimps. Add bean sprouts and chilly pepper and boil for about ten minutes with lid on. *If you like it hot! spicy! put about 1 Tbs of ground red pepper with bean sprouts. This will be very good when you have cold.

Add salt, and chopped garlic. Boil five more minutes, and add green onion. Turn stove off right away, and serve in soup bowls.

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