Saturday, March 1, 2008

Maryland Crab Cakes

1 pound fresh back fin crab meat
1 large egg
1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce
1 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning (optional)
2 tablespoons regular, low-fat or non-fat mayonnaise
8 saltine crackers, crumbled
Vegetable oil for sauteeing (optional)
Cocktail sauce or tartar sauce for serving

Carefully remove the cartilage from the crab meat, keeping the pieces as large as possible. Blot crab meat with paper towels. In a medium bowl, mix the egg, Worcestershire sauce, Old Bay and mayonnaise until combined. Add crab meat and crackers and toss lightly but thoroughly.
Shape the mixture into 6 large crab cakes or 24 small crab balls. Place on a bakeing sheet or platter. If not cooking immediately, refrigerate covered.
To cook on the stove: Pour about 1/4 -inch oil into a large skillet and heat over moderate heat until hot. add crab cakes or balls without crowding and saute on each side until golden, about 2 to 4 minutes per side. Remove to paper towels to drain. To broil: Preheat broiler to high and broil as close to unit as possible until golden on each side.

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